January 4th, 2012

Piña Colada Party Punch

Pina Colada Party Punch

Several years ago I went to a gorgeous backyard wedding reception in Granite Bay, California. I have no recollection of what they served to eat, but I can still remember the drink station because it was such a beautiful set-up. They had four large, glass drink dispensers filled with different colors of punch, and it looked like a pastel rainbow. The colors of the punches were lime green, orange, yellow, and this pink one that the hostess called Wedding Punch. They were all delicious, and I was able to get all of the recipes a few days later. I made some adjustments to the wedding punch and gave it a new name. My family loves it, and I think you will, too.

Okay, so let’s party! The first thing you’ll need is some of this. It’s non-alcoholic, and can be found where the frozen concentrated juices are kept.

You’ll also need some grenadine. In my grocery store, it’s near the club soda.

And you’ll need some Sprite. Fortunately my oldest daughter is here to lend us a hand. She loves parties.

Combine the piña colada mix with the grenadine, stirring well.

Add the Sprite and water, and then. . . . Party on!

Pina Colada Party Punch

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11 Responses to “Piña Colada Party Punch”

  1. Wow! That punch looks fabulous! I will have to try it out sometime soon. Is it Friday yet? Maybe I’ll make it for the Grand Finale of “Chuck” coming up! Let’s get this party started!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! You are too funny!

  3. Double yum. I’m going’ to the store!!!

  4. Great! I hope you enjoy it! Happy 4th of July, Jan!

  5. Looks great! Can’t wait to try it myself.

  6. Do you stir once you put in Sprite and water?

  7. Christy, yes, it should all be mixed up together.

  8. This looks so refreshing…I love trying new punches and will have to try this one soon!

  9. Thanks, Lizzy T. By the way, I made pizza tonight and used your pizza crust recipe again. It sure is good!

  10. Do you freeze this after mixing so that it can be slushy?

  11. Nekkie, I have never frozen it, but if you want to do that, I would probably freeze it before adding the Sprite. I’m just not sure how a carbonated beverage would do in a frozen state.


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