October 19th, 2013

Mexican Haystacks

Mexican Haystacks

The first time I ever had these Mexican Haystacks, I was on a date with a guy in high school.  He had invited me to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, and before we went to the concert, we had dinner at his house.  His mom had prepared all of the ingredients for these haystacks, and each of us assembled our own so that we could choose the ingredients we wanted.  I thought it was a fun idea, and I later asked his mother for the recipe.  The haystacks are similar to tostadas that are served in Mexican restaurants except that Fritos corn chips are used in place of the fried tortilla.

I like the combination of the Fritos with the meat and all of the fresh ingredients.

Buen apetito!

Mexican Haystacks

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5 Responses to “Mexican Haystacks”

  1. Love the website Laura! I believe I’m going to make this tonight for my family!

  2. Thanks, Jackie! I hope you enjoy the haystacks. I’m impressed that you can plan a dinner so quickly. My least favorite day of the week is grocery day because I plan seven dinners all at once.

  3. Oh, I had to run to the store! And they were very tasty!

  4. Glad you liked them!

  5. Love these! I serve them for many a summer meal. For those wanting a more healthier version, I will use brown rice in place of the Fritos.


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