June 5th, 2012

Teriyaki Steak

Teriyaki Steak

Do you ever get headaches? For the past 20 years I have had occasional migraines. They were really bad when I was in my 30’s, but now I can usually get them to go away with a little bit of Excedrin Migraine. I don’t like to take a lot of medicine, so I usually only take 1/4 of a pill as soon as I feel a headache coming on. A normal dose is 2 pills, so I’m only taking 1/8 of a dose. The problem is that these days you can’t find Excedrin Migraine. The company that makes them decided to do a voluntary recall after complaints of “broken gelcaps, chipped tablets and inconsistent bottle packaging,” and they are in the process of making more to replace the ones they removed from all the stores. So for at least four months now, I have been looking for Excedrin Migraine every time I go to the pharmacy, the grocery store, or Target—with no luck at all.  At this point, I only have 1/4 of one pill left, so my husband suggested looking for it online. Great idea! I went straight to Amazon.com and entered “Excedrin Migraine” in their search box. They actually had some on there, and if you’re willing to pay $199.97, it’s yours! Two hundred dollars. . . for one bottle??? I’m getting a headache just thinking about that. And I realize there’s a backlog, but it seems like four months is a really long time. I mean don’t they have factories to make those things, or are they making them one pill at a time?

Only $199.97!

Okay, enough about headaches.  We need to get this steak on the barbecue.  I’ve been making this recipe for years.  It’s very easy and quite tasty.  All you need is top sirloin steak, Kikkoman soy sauce (don’t get any other brand—this one is the best), fresh ginger, and sugar.  Cut off any excess fat from the steak and cut it into 2-inch strips (2 inches wide and the longer the better).  Finely chop the ginger.

In a medium-sized casserole dish, combine the soy sauce and sugar, stirring well.

Add the ginger and stir again.

Place the steak in the marinade, turning to coat.  Marinate overnight or at least for several hours, occasionally turning the steak pieces so that they get evenly coated.  For the most intense flavor, marinate overnight.

Cook on the barbecue, and enjoy!

Teriyaki SteakServing Suggestion:  This steak is fabulous served with Twice Baked Potatoes.

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15 Responses to “Teriyaki Steak”

  1. Go get yourself a bottle of pure lavender essential oil. When you start to feel that migraine coming on, rub one tiny drop under your nose – careful not to get it on your mucous membranes. It’s been working for me for twenty years or so.

  2. Sometimes you can find store brand Excedrin Migraine, but I believe regular Excedrin has the same ingredients. Check the label. I used to suffer from frequent migraines and checked the label one time and found many Excedrin products contain the same ingredients but were sold under different names (Excedrin Tension Headache, Excedrin Migraine, Extra Strength Excedrin, etc). $199.97 unbelievable!

  3. Wow! Thanks for the tips!!! I appreciate it!

  4. Excedrin is just Tylenol with caffeine added. So drink a caffeinated soda and take a Tylenol. Or buy store brand, it works the same.
    The steaks look awesome. So do the potatos. What did you top them with?

  5. Thanks for the advice, Mese! The potato just has butter, sour cream, and chives on it. The chives are the dried type that come in a spice bottle.

  6. You do the same thing I do… only I bite mine! LOL… I take 1/4 tablet every 1/2 hour until my pain is mostly gone. I use the Walmart brand Equate Headache Relief. It actually has 3 ingredients… acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine… just like our Excedrin. I also use Walgreens brand. Good luck, and I am having your steak this weekend. Mmmm, one of my fav’s.

  7. I’m so excited to have found your website (thanks to Amy Turner!). This is the most beautiful cooking site I’ve ever seen, and I love the personality that you share! I look forward to trying many of these gorgeous recipes. We moved into the neighborhood last summer, and I’m so sorry not to have met you yet!

  8. Mary, thanks for stopping by my website! I’m glad you like it. I’m sorry we haven’t met yet, but we’ll have to get together sometime.

  9. Michael’s mom told me today that she buys Costco’s Kirkland brand of Excedrin. I have tasted this steak at your house – it’s great!

  10. Thanks, Julie!

  11. Hi Laura,

    As a fellow migraine sufferer, I too was shocked to discover our beloved Excedrin gone from the shelves 🙁 and after my OMG what will I ever do panic moment, I came to my senses. That is to say via my wife, (thirty years last May). She said there’s probably a generic brand by someone out there. Of course I found just that at Walgreens. It’s called Migraine Relief and the ingredients are exactly the same as in the Excedrin. And they work, Thank God! Thought you might like to know and I hope it helps!

    BTW, I’ll be trying the Blueberry Muffins soon. They look delicious!

    I know–kinda weird that I would mention the muffins on the Teriyaki Steak recipe, but that’s how I roll…

    Thanks for the humor and recipes!

  12. Hey Bruce, thanks so much for recommending the Walgreens Migraine Relief! I am going to get some of that for sure. After I posted this recipe in June, a neighbor came over and gave me a handful of Excedrin Migraine that she still happened to have, but I just used the last of that the other day. I hope you enjoy the blueberry muffins! Thanks for commenting!

  13. Thanks so much for the steak recipe. I just made some yesterday, and it turned out DELICIOUS! It tastes just like the Teriyaki steak we get from out local Chinese food place.

    I made a few small changes that I think really added something to it: I used 3/4 c. white sugar and 1/4 c. brown sugar, added a few shakes of rice wine vinegar and some freshly chopped garlic. I think I also grated the ginger on my microplane rather than chopping it. Marinated thin cut sirloin steaks in it overnight and then grilled them.

    Had it for dinner and the cold leftovers were even more amazing! This is definitely going in our regular dinner rotation!

  14. Tonya, thanks for your comment! It made me start to crave this steak. Your additions sound wonderful!!!

  15. Miss my Terriyaki steak…decided to try your recipe. It is much easier. Thanks a bunch.


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