May 19th, 2013

Spicy Marinated Steak

Spicy Marinated Steak

When I first came across this recipe for marinated steak, it called for sesame oil.  I didn’t happen to have any sesame oil on hand, so I substituted Mongolian Fire Oil, and it didn’t even occur to me that I might need to use less of it since it’s much stronger and spicier than sesame oil.  Boy was I surprised when I took my first bite of the steak.  I had never had such a spicy steak before, but I thought it was fabulous.  I decided that using Mongolian Fire Oil was definitely the way to go.  Here’s a look at the ingredients that go into this marinade:

And here is the the star ingredient, the Mongolian Fire Oil.  If you like spicy foods like I do, you should keep this stuff on hand.  In my grocery store, it can be found in the Asian food section near the soy sauce.

You will want to marinate this steak for approximately four hours, keeping in mind that the longer you marinate it, the spicier it will be.  I sometimes like to use really thin pieces of steak (much thinner than the steak in this picture).  Thinner steaks will absorb the flavor of the marinade much quicker than thicker pieces.  That’s the way I like it (quite spicy), but it’s one of those personal preference things, so use your best judgement on how long to marinate your steak based on how thick it is and how spicy you like it.

Spicy Marinated Steak

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  1. The concept of marinated steaks is one not often seen or used in my neck of the woods, even though it makes perfect sense and while other cuts and meat based dishes do often get the marinade treatment. As for a spicy steak, it’s a great notion, again – not one I thought of, but surely one I will enjoy. It’s really amazing how sometimes the most amazing ideas are combined of elements that are usually found within our sight. Thank you!


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