February 27th, 2013

Slow-Cooker Refried Beans

Slow-Cooker Refried Beans

I have a confession to make.  I used to serve canned refried beans when I cooked Mexican food.  But not anymore!  Not since I discovered that you can easily make refried beans in a slow-cooker.  They taste so fresh and homemade, and so much better than anything that comes from a can.  They are made from dried pinto beans, a little bit of onion, and some garlic.

They cook all day in the slow-cooker, and then just before serving, you transfer them to a skillet, fry them, and mash them.  Don’t they look delicious!

Slow-Cooker Refried Beans

7 Responses to “Slow-Cooker Refried Beans”

  1. Any chance I could use olive oil instead of shortening?

  2. Aimee, I think you should be fine using olive oil. The original recipe actually called for lard, and I switched it to shortening. You basically just need something to fry the beans in. Thanks for visiting!

  3. I always add a ham hock when I make refried beans as it gives extra flavor.

  4. How much water do I add when you say cover with water? An inch above beans or at height of beans?

  5. Jessica, the amount of water isn’t super critical because you will be removing the beans from the cooking liquid. An inch above them should be fine.

  6. You make Mexican food look so-o-o good.

  7. Well, thank you, Shirley!


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