March 26th, 2012

Quick Strawberry Smoothies

Quick Strawberry Smoothies

Do you ever have a sudden craving for a smoothie, but you just don’t have the ingredients on hand to make one? These smoothies only have three ingredients, two of which are milk and sugar, and unless you have a really bare-bones kitchen, you’ve probably got those. Milk. Check. Sugar. Check. The final ingredient is Bacardi’s non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri mixer which can be found with the other frozen juices in your grocery store. Just keep a couple of these cans in your freezer, and when you get that “gotta have a smoothie” feeling, you can whip one up in about two minutes. You don’t even need a blender!

Combine the strawberry daiquiri mixer with the milk in a pitcher. Add the sugar, and stir well.


Quick Strawberry Smoothies

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2 Responses to “Quick Strawberry Smoothies”

  1. Wow! These smoothies are delicious! They’re so easy to make, too!

  2. I’m glad you liked them, Joey. My kids like them, too!


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