November 22nd, 2014

Praline Walnuts

Praline Walnuts

I debated about whether or not I should share the true story behind these walnuts, but I decided to go ahead and give you a condensed version of the story, but I’ve changed the names of all people involved. . .

Way back in the 1980’s, I worked in southern California as a bookkeeper for the ABC Company (not the real name). The owners of the company, Rob and Patsi, were very wealthy. It seems like every business deal they were involved in turned to gold. They owned an expensive home in Newport Beach, a private yacht, their own limousine, and of course they had a personal chauffeur. Although I was hired to be a bookkeeper, they frequently gave me assignments that had nothing to do with keeping the books. For example, one time they gave me the keys to their Rolls Royce and asked me to drive up to Los Angeles to pick up their maid. At Christmas time, they put me in charge of planning their personal Christmas party which was held at their home. Their guest list included a few movie stars, and they wanted to impress. Besides all of the food, I ordered ice sculptures and fruit sculptures. I rented tables, chairs, and dark green tablecloths. The whole affair was similar to planning a wedding.

It sounds like a fun job, and it might have been if it hadn’t been for the fact that Patsi hired her best friend, Margo, to be the office manager. . . and Margo was MEAN! Mean Margo made my life miserable for the year that I worked at the ABC Company. I will spare you the details, but you can be sure that I still look back on that year as one of the worst in my life. However, just before Christmas, Margo brought in her walnuts and passed them around. Everybody loved them, and so she made copies of her recipe and handed them out to all of us. Yep, these are Mean Margo’s walnuts, and this recipe is the one good memory that I have of Margo.

You might also be interested to know that several years after I left the ABC Company, I ran into one of their clients at another company I was working for. He told me that Rob and Patsi were both in prison. It turns out that all that money that seemed to come to them so easily was earned in a less-than-legitimate fashion, and the law finally caught up with them! True story!

Enjoy the walnuts!

Praline Walnuts

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3 Responses to “Praline Walnuts”

  1. Will be giving these a try! Love the story about them too. I laughed out loud when I read, “Yep, these are Mean Margo’s walnuts”…

  2. Connie, I’m glad you enjoyed the story about the walnuts, especially since I wasn’t sure if I should really share it or not. The sad part is that I can’t help but think about “Mean Margo” every time I eat them.

  3. I can’t stop laughing! What a great story to go with this recipe. I’m sure I’ll get a chuckle whenever I make these. They look delicious.


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