May 22nd, 2012

Potato Salad with Red Onions and Parsley

Potato Salad with Red Onions and Parsley

I have two fantastic potato salad recipes, and I have had both of them for a long time.  For years I have been trying to decide which one is best, but I have never been able to dismiss one of them in favor of the other.  One day I had a “bright” idea.  I decided to make both recipes and mix them together.  I just knew I would have the ultimate, out-of-this-world potato salad, and nobody would be able to turn it down—even people who don’t like potato salad, such as my husband.  I excitedly made up both recipes and mixed them together so the flavors could “marry.”  Big mistake.  Both salads immediately cried foul.  Believe me, that was one marriage that was not made in heaven.  Even one of my guests admitted that it was not my best dish.  I decided I better leave good enough alone.  As the old saying goes, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”  So I randomly picked one of my two great potato salad recipes to share with you today.  And if you’re wondering about the other recipe—I still have it, and it will undoubtedly be a future post.

To make this potato salad, you’ll need brown potatoes, hard boiled eggs, red onion, fresh parsley, sour cream, Miracle Whip, seasoned salt, and lemon pepper.  Peel the potatoes and then cut each one into 6 pieces for boiling.  Boil the potatoes just until tender, and then chop them into smaller pieces.

Meanwhile, cook the eggs by boiling them.

When they have cooled, remove the shells and slice them.

Chop the red onion and parsley.

Combine all ingredients and refrigerate.


Potato Salad with Red Onions and Parsley

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