January 17th, 2012

Never a Stale Cookie in This House!

When I make cookies, I want every single one of them to taste fresh. The problem is that some cookie recipes make a lot of cookies—even more than my family can eat before some of them get stale.  So after I finish making a batch of cookies, I put several of them on a plate—-enough for about two days.

Chocolate Chip CookiesThen I freeze all the rest in small batches. I put about 5 or 6 cookies in a quart size baggie, and place all of the baggies in the freezer.

When we want more cookies, I just get out one bag, set it on the counter, and in about an hour we have more cookies that taste just as fresh as the day I made them. I do this with almost all of the cookies I make, and we never have any stale cookies at our house.

Chocolate Mint Cookies

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One Response to “Never a Stale Cookie in This House!”

  1. If your homemade (or even store-bought cookie/donuts) start to get a bit dry…Just put a couple slices of bread in the container(or zip lock bag) and in 20 minutes your treats are as soft and moist as the day you made(or bought them). Some people use a sliced apple, but I find the treat picks up an apple flavor. It does work though:)


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