July 26th, 2012

Napkin and Flatware Roll-ups

Napkin and Flatware Rollups

These napkins wrapped around plastic flatware and tied with a ribbon are a festive idea for your next barbecue, picnic, or even a Christmas party.  It’s so easy for guests to grab one little bundle when their hands are busy with a plate of food and a drink.  And they also look really cute in a basket placed on your food table.

They’re very easy to make.  Start by placing a napkin on the table with the side you want to show on the outside of the roll-ups facing the table.  (I wanted the red side of this watermelon napkin to show, so the red side is facing the table).  Fold the bottom corner of the napkin about 3/4 of the way up.

 Place the plastic flatware on the middle of the folded napkin. Napkin and Flatware Rollups

  Fold the left corner of the napkin over the flatware.

 Roll up the napkin and tie with a ribbon or raffia. Napkin and Flatware Rollups

Place the napkin roll-ups in a basket and display on your food table.

Napkin and Flatware Rollups

Here is a set that I did using real silverware for a farewell brunch we had when my son left on a mission to Italy.  I bought the Italian flags at a party store, and I purchased ribbon in the same colors to tie around the napkins.

Napkin and Flatware Roll-ups

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