July 16th, 2014

Green Beans with Mushrooms and Pecans

Green Beans with Mushrooms and Pecans

Our family usually has a version of this green bean recipe on Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it’s good any time of the year.  We used to make it with slivered almonds instead of the pecans, and sometimes we left out the nuts all together.  But I recently made this recipe and decided to use some pecans that I had in the freezer.  I really liked it with the pecans and decided that’s the way these green beans should be made.

Green Beans

A word about cooking green beans—it’s really a personal preference as far as how long you cook them.  My sister likes them to be a little bit crisp when they’re done, but I like them to be on the softer side, so I cook them longer.  Just cook them until they are to your liking.  Enjoy! Green Beans with Mushrooms and Pecans

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