August 3rd, 2014

Cinnamon Black Walnut Ice Cream

Cinnamon Black Walnut Ice Cream

Please excuse me for being a little sentimental while I take a stroll down memory lane, but black walnuts remind me of a dear relative who passed away earlier this year.  His name was Billy Brooks, a cousin of my mother’s and quite a bit older than me, but the reason he holds a special place in my heart is because he spent the last 20 years of his life trying to bring together two sisters.  That would be my mother and her half-sister who never met each other until just last year when my mother was 75 and her sister was 59.  It’s a long story, and too personal to share here, but it has a very happy ending.  Here is a picture of them on the farm in Kentucky where they both lived as children but at different times.  They finally met each other just a few months before Billy passed away.

The reason that black walnuts remind me of Billy is because every year at Christmas, he would send us black walnuts from the trees on his farm.  He would shell the walnuts himself so that they would be ready to eat or used in a recipe when we received them in the mail.  For several years, I used them to make cookies, but one year I tried them in this ice cream, and it immediately became our favorite black walnut recipe.

William “Billy” Brooks  1928-2014

Thanks for everything, Billy!  We miss you!

Cinnamon Black Walnut Ice Cream

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