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May 20th, 2016

Enchilada Pie

Enchilada Pie

I’m baaacck!!!  Yes, I’ve been missing in action for the past several months, but I have some good news.  Sort of.

After not feeling great (on and off) for the past 20+ months, and going to lots of doctors and having a multitude of tests done, I FINALLY got a diagnosis!  I have fibromyalgia.  It’s not great news, but I’m actually happy to finally have some answers because the worst part of all was not knowing why I sometimes don’t feel well.  And now that I know it’s fibromyalgia, I have been able to read about it and figure out ways to alleviate some of my symptoms.  So with a diagnosis in one hand and a stack of recipes that are ready to be photographed in the other, my plan is to post two new recipes each month.  It’s a slower pace than what I used to do, but it will allow me to continue my blog and still have time for some of my other interests.

So the recipe I have for you today is Enchilada Pie.  I’ve been making this recipe for several years, and I love it because it’s simple and delicious.

Enchilada Pie

It has six layers of flour tortillas, seasoned ground beef, Monterey Jack cheese, and black olives.  The tortillas are buttered to keep them nice and soft.  The top of the pie is sprinkled with cheddar cheese and garnished with sliced tomato.  After it bakes, you can add some sour cream and green onions if you want.  Enjoy!

Enchilada Pie

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