March 12th, 2014

Avocado Smoothies

Avocado Smoothies

These avocado smoothies are my new favorite beverage, and I’ve been making them about three or four times a week.  They taste great, but they aren’t loaded with calories.  I like to keep them in the fridge and have a little at a time throughout the day.  I also take them with me in the car when I’m running a bunch of errands because it keeps me from being tempted to stop for fast food when I get hungry.  I just pour the smoothie into a glass, cover it with plastic wrap, and poke my straw through the plastic.  Then I pop that baby into the drink holder in my car, and I have a delicious on-the-go treat.

Avocado Smoothies

This recipe calls for coconut water, and in my grocery store, it’s found in the health food section.  This is the brand that I have been using, Taste Nirvana, but I’m certainly not endorsing this particular brand.  There are others that I’m sure are just as good.  I particularly like the one that comes with some coconut pulp in it because it gives the smoothie a faint coconut taste.  I’ve been making so many of these avocado smoothies that my husband finally suggested that I order the coconut water in bulk from Amazon, which is what I am now doing.  If you want to do the same, here is the link:  Coconut Water.


Avocado Smoothies

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3 Responses to “Avocado Smoothies”

  1. Wow this looks good. I have never tried coconut water. Maybe I can try coconut water soon…Thanks for sharing

  2. All of your food looks so good! I want to make and eat it all!! This avocado smoothie looks so yummy too…I love coconut water and avocados!!! Thanks for the beautiful website of food.

  3. I love avocados so will certainly give this a try right away. Love your recipes, thanks so much.


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